Friday, January 2, 2009

Embracing the Unknown...

Ahhh.... as she looks back on 2008 the things that stand out in her mind are the unexpected pleasures. A new instant friend...(Jackie) an unexpected new member of the family...(Mew) a new healthy way of eating, that led to a loss of weight, a new clarity of mind and other numerous advantages (raw veganism). These are but a few of her great unexpected pleasures.
Sometimes humans make lists and stay doggedly attached to particular outcomes. I say a list is fine, but flexibility is essential in my muse mind. Deepak Chopra (in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) speaks of the wisdom of uncertainty. Possibilities, excitement and adventure are what you can look forward to when you give up the attachment to the known. Here's to the uncertainty of 2009, may it bring us all wonderful experiences we've never even dreamed of!

Pictured above are some of her amazing friends at Ranger caught in an unexpected snowfall... from left to right Teresa Natividad, Jackie McLaughlin, Michelle Bernard

& Bonnie Egenton